Start Enjoying Your Porch Again

Start Enjoying Your Porch Again

Install a vertical platform lift today

You shouldn’t be limited to a window if you want to get some fresh air. If you’re wheelchair-bound because of a disability or another mobility issue, turn to American Pride Remodeling to install a vertical platform lift in your home. Vertical platform lifts move up and down, making it easier and safer to travel between levels. They’re great for heights of up to 52 inches. Our experts can customize the lift to fit your home. Call us at 717-246-0530 today to enjoy your vertical platform lift in no time.

Why use a vertical platform lift?

A vertical platform lift can be a practical option for your home when a ramp isn’t. Here are a few reasons to install a vertical platform lift:

  • They can give you access to porches and decks
  • They usually come with a simple up and down switch
  • They only have to be cleaned and lubricated annually

Contact us today to learn more about vertical platform lifts and how they can help you.